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The Austrian education system



School and education systems are different in pretty much every country in the world. is a platform designed to help you find your perfect apprenticeship. Never heard of this term before? Don't worry - we'll try to explain everything in detail to you

The education system in Austria

Similar to the Ukraine we have different levels when it comes to our  education system . Children between the ages of 6 and 14 will be in the primary level and secondary level I. Starting in the "Volksschule" (ages 6-9), following by the "Mittelschule" or "AHS Unterstufe" (ages 10.14). After that the compulsory school system finishes, allowing you to choose between many types of different education systems. Be aware that until the age of 18 it is compulsary to stay within one of the different education models, see our graph below. You may continue to finish the "AHS Oberstufe", which allows you to continue your education journey by joining a university.

Once you have completed compulsory school, you also have the opportunity to start an apprenticeship. An important step for your start in your professional life. Depending on which apprenticeship you choose, it can last anywhere between 2 to 4 years.The training that comes with an apprenticeship differs significantly from the "regular" full-time school. There are two places of learning: your apprenticeship company and the vocational school. The apprentice is in an apprenticeship relationship with his/her training company and is also a student at a vocational school.In-company training covers the largest part of the apprenticeship period.
The final apprenticeship examination (LAP) is conducted by professional experts. The focus of the LAP is on the skills required for the job.

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How to find out which apprenticeship fits you best?

There are many ways to find out which apprenticeship is right for you. Talk to your parents, friends or teachers. You can take a  job test  to find out which jobs suit you best. Be sure to use trial days to get to know everyday life in a company This is something that is offered in basically every company here in Austria. You can contact the company directly to ask about their trial days - usually they have a fixed schedule of trial days, for which you can apply and join.

Once you have found an apprenticeship position that suits you, prepare carefully for the  application process .Think of all the steps that are necessary and important. Make sure to have an organized CV, a suitable picture of yourself (no Selfie, suitable clothing).

There are around 200 apprenticeships in Austria that you can learn. The  new apprenticeships  that have been added in recent years are also particularly exciting.

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